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Specializing in research and development of functionalized Nanoparticles and Carbon Nanotube derived Materials.

We offer custom-to-order nanoparticles and materials for research and large scale commercial usage.

Our Technological Goal

By making nanomaterials widely available and economically viable, we hope to bring about the widespread usage of nanomaterials and further integrate nanotechnology into common materials. With this being our goal, we have worked to develop new methods of producing promising materials. Our first breakthrough was developing a novel method of spinning CNT thread which has the promise of being far more efficient and less time consuming than current methods (patent pending). We have also refined nanoparticle synthesis techniques in order to create accurately sized functionalized batches at a fraction of the cost of current techniques. As we grow, we will continue to develop efficient techniques in order to mass produce future materials.

We will periodically release samples of our products for evaluation, so check back often!